Jahan Kabob

Jahan Kabob

Features a juice bar where fresh squeezed seasonal fruits 

and vegetable are blended to create an assortment of 

refreshment and smoothies included is fresh lassi or 

mango lassi fresh naan bread cooked and site daily...

                              Variety Deserts of Available

 We Proudly server "Halal" foods

for your special occassion we offer whole 

lambs chicken and beefs chunk from the 

smoke house...

                                      Jahan Kabob

Afghan food is tasteful fusion of the regions that neighbor 

Afghanistan. Major ethnic groups are Pashtuns, Tajiks and 

Uzbeks. Modern Afghan cuisine is the blending of the cooking 

methods of the cooking methods of the three. Influence of India 

is obvious in the use of spices like saffron, coriander, cardamom 

and black pepper. The Afghans prefer cuisine which is neither too spicy nor hot.....